Still The Best Pesto

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I love this recipe, everyone loves this recipe. It’s delicious, extremely simple to make and good for you. Still feels like a novelty, right!

Typically pesto is made using pine nuts, but they’re pretty pricey at $20+ a pound. I made a batch using hemp and it was fantastic. So here we go again, honestly you will not be sorry. Both Cat and I smother it on everything from zucchini noodles, to crackers, to our index fingers.

Best Hemp Pesto Ever 

3 cups basil leaves, tightly packed
2 cloves garlic
2-1/2 tsp lemon juice
2 tbsp miso paste
1/2 cup cold pressed olive oil
1/2 cup hemp seeds

Blend all the ingredients on medium speed, and enjoy!

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Hemp! You guys are brilliant.

Ha! Kinda posted this with you in mind. I’ve been meaning to tell you after our pesto pasta hangout.

Holy cow is this pesto ever awesome. Just made some and I’m in heaven!

Yay! Crazy right, I eat so much of it come summertime. Glad to hear it Steph. x

Seriously, all of your recipes are amazingly good, and it’s awesome to eat guilt-free. My husband requested that I make more pesto for the weekend, he’s pretty much obsessed with it. I wish the Goods delivered to Vegas, need that teleportation machine to be invented asap. You’re really doing an awesome thing for people’s health!
Steph :)

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