Snow Day Smoothie

Snow Day

Snow day!!!! Hopefully you’re all tucked in nice and warm at home. If you haven’t had a smoothie today this one is delicious. I usually try to stick to two pieces of fruit but what the heck!

Snow Day Sunshine Smoothie 

handful spinach
2 leaves kale
1 smallish carrot
3 small apples
2 tbsp hemp
1 piece of ginger (end of your baby finger in size)
4 cups filtered water

Blend it smooth. Makes 2Ls, I store half in a mason jar for the next day.

Good one Asil, and thanks for the photo.

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Here’s to snow days! Yeah!

Agreed! They are the best!

the snow is gorgeous. i’ve got not one flake at the present. not. one. flake. :( this smoothie looks gorgeous though! thanks. :)

Well I’m sorry to hear that Pudding, we have more than enough to go around if you need a few snow flakes. Have a fantastic weekend!!

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