Gimme A Beet

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Spinach may be scarce these days but beets ain’t.  And you know I love me a beet or two (or five or six).  Personally, beets have always been a bit tricky in the smoothie department.  I don’t know how Lisa manages to make her Red-Green smoothies taste so damn good but clearly I have not mastered the fine art yet, or have I??????

Enter the cooked beet. I had a few leftover from the day before so chucked them in. Wow, amazing beety goodness. So unless you have Lisa making your smoothies everyday, try this as an alternative.

The Beet Beat Smoothie

4 cups filtered water
2 lg handful of org. mixed greens
1 -2 cooked org. beets
1 org. apple
1 org. banana
1/2 org. zucchini
2 tbsp hemp hearts

Blend until smooth – Yields 1.5 liters. And don’t forget to save some in a bowl for the babies (just add some organic baby cereal to it).

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Love the use of a mason jar! Did you make that?

Awesome right! It was a gift, called the RedNeck Guzzler

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