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Always lots of talk around protein at the mention of raw or vegan lifestyles. One thing I’ve been told and believe to be true is that animal protein is inefficient when it comes to building muscle. While it bulks you up, it doesn’t necessarily provide more strength.

If you doubt what I’m telling you check out this article about Venus Williams, there was word about her winning Wimbledon on a raw vegan diet, but little coverage to back up that claim. Well here it is people, a quick interview with Venus but I think the pictures alone prove my point above, she has leaned out, wow! And not only that but she healed herself and went on to win. How great is that, seriously food is magic.

Thanks to my raw friend Tracy in AZ for sharing. xo

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Lisa, it’s Venus Williams in the article.
Have a great week.


Phew thank goodness someone is reading these things! Thanks Alex xo

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