Like Mother Like Daughter

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Victory is mine. But let me start at the beginning. For all you Moms with babes at home and tired of figuring out what to feed them, I’ve got an idea for you. Smoothie.

Yes, I made myself a smoothie the other day and realised what the hell, I’ll pour some of it into a bowl and add some organic baby brown rice cereal to it. Guess what? She liked it.  Well no doubt, the smoothie was delish, so why not the cereal concoction? Why do we feel the need to feed our babes bland food? I think us Westerners are the only culture to do so.

Go to India, or any Asian country, for example, and they’re not feeding them gross, bland, nondescript food. And we wonder why we’re raising a generation of picky eaters. I say, feed ’em real food, forget the packaged stuff. Home made food with texture, food with garlic, ginger, and all that great stuff. And when they’re a bit older, cook with them and get them to help you grocery shop. Teach them about where food comes from, cause at that age, they’re sponges. Start it now and who knows, maybe these amazing creatures will teach us a few tricks in the days to come.

Check out “Real Food For Real Kids“. Amazing. Demand that our schools set higher standards for our children.

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