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What an amazing class we had this past Sunday.  Thank you all for coming.  We had a really eclectic group.  From cool teenagers, amazing Moms, a YouTube phenom, a genius comic, an alt-rock superstar, and a fab, just moved here from Vancouver, fireball (cue theme song from Breakfast Club) – the one thing they had in common, they wanted to shake things up.  For some people it was about radical change and new ideas, for others, perhaps more inspiration and the ability to talk to like-minded people. Either way the message was received.  You’re pretty important so looks after yourself. Try a green smoothie a day or simply stay away from processed food, any change regardless of size is good. Who cares what you were doing before this point, no one is judging. Make that fresh start today.  Go on, you know you wanna and we’re here to help.

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So… I vant to share my week with my ladies. Suraya and I have been doing the smoothies for the past 5 days and OMG (screaming it loud) I feel fantastic (said in Russell Peters voice & accent).
I have more energy, haven’t checked the weight number yet but my goal is to get on the health train to feel better and to set a better example for Suraya, not so much the weight right now. If it happens great, just not my focus first.
Suraya has been doing the breakfast smoothies and loves them, this weekend I am going to try and see how much of the green smoothie she will drink. Ahhhhh love them.

There are so many different ways to make them that you can never get bored.

Oh oh and I almost forgot I haven’t had a headache after the third day I began the smoothies.

I am so excited I just can’t hide it….. thank you for being you ladies and helping us better our lives. I really appreciate all the learning you have brought to us. When we start reading, listening and thinking about it WOW is all I can say.

Will keep you posted on the progress.

We love you! I’m all choked up, I’ve been wanting this for you for so long and I’m so happy you want it too! Thanks for sharing. xoxoxoxo

Lisa couldn’t have said it better. That is soooo fantastic. You are an amazing Mom and Suraya is so lucky to have you.

Hi! This is Martina (Nicole’s little sister who had no voice!) I wanted to let you know I’m back in Korea now, and my husband and I are enjoying a green smoothie right now! I also hopped on iherb and ordered all the ingredients I can’t get here. Thank you so much, your class was awesome, inspirational, and refreshing. Honestly, it’s really nice to meet people who are adamant healthy eaters but not snobby and alienating to other people! ^^ Oh, and one question, we followed the recipe for the Kale smoothie, do we drink the whole thing between the two of us or just a glass? Thanks again!

Martina! Hello! Glad to hear you’re back home safe and sound. And even happier to hear you’re bringing green smoothies into your life. PLEASE keep us posted, we want to know how you’re doing. SO to answer your question, it’s totally up to you. I drink half of that recipe or the likes daily. Sometimes I drink the whole thing! I’d say 500mL is the minimum. It really depends on you. Just make sure if you’re storing it for the next day, put it in a tight fitting glass container. Good luck! LL

Martina, so nice to hear you are back home, safe and with your Simon. Suraya has been enjoying your videos. She watched the one you both are opening mail and packages, I think it’s the first one after you returned home. She loves you guys. Keep up the good work. Oh and btw you should really get Jasmine to make those dolls of you guys and sell them. I personally know Suraya would be on board to get them for herself. Suraya is happy to be your sales rep for North America. Suraya wants to know what is kimchi? All the best to you guys.

Now for Lisa, today I have been feeling slugish and it just hit me, I didn’t have any smoothie today at all. Not letting that happen again. It has taken me all day to do laundry and clean the house. Sad to say only did three quarters of the laundry and only cleaned two rooms and it’s 5pm already. Arghhhhh.

Thanks ladies xoxox

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