U-G-L-Y You Ain’t Got No Alibi

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Here are the facts of life.  Not all smoothies were created equal. The pretty fruit smoothies are well, just that, pretty but have waaaaay too much sugar.  The yogurt & fruit smoothies are really milkshakes pretending to be smoothies so that’s a non-issue. So that leaves us the green smoothie.

Now green smoothies are smoothies that have predominantly leafy greens as their main ingredient. They don’t actually have to look green though, after blending. If you add items like rainbow chard or beet greens, the smoothie loses that rich green colour. Sometimes the end colour looks more like mud than grass (ref: picture above). But what they lack in colour they totally make up for in magic.

If you are all about the end colour, there are ways of cheating.  My fav cheat is a 3/4 cup of blueberries.  They are low on the glycemic index, that amount actually only counts for half a fruit serving and they are so amazing for you. If you need more, add more, they’re blueberries after all.

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Oh GREAT! Now I have that retched song going through my head. Thanks for that! LOL!

Hahaha Simmah you make me laugh!

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