Goods To Know Pomegranates


Pomegranates are easy to find this time of year and they’re packed with minerals and nutrients like vitamin C and lots of Bs. The seeds are the most beautiful ruby-red colour and delicious on salads or as a late night snack.

Many avoid this fruit as it’s a bit messy to get into and can stain your fingers and clothes. But we have a trick to save you some trouble.

Cut an X into the top of the pomegranate about 1″ deep, fill a bowl with water and submerge the fruit, you can break it into four sections by prying it apart where it’s been cut. The seeds will fall out easily under the water and sink to the bottom while the membrane floats.┬áPour the water and the debris off the top and you’re left with the tasty seeds and no mess.

Have a happy weekend, see you Monday!

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