Bring On The Cranberries

Cranberry Juice

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and now you’re all back on the wagon starting with a big green smoothie this morning right?

My holiday was great, lots of family, friends and delicious food. One dish I loved was a very simple cranberry sauce, basically it was cranberries, orange juice and sweetener boiled until it was a lovely jam-like consistency.

Her sauce inspired me to juice some cranberries this morning. This is a delicious juice, high in vitamin C and very easy to make.

Holiday Cranberry Juice

12 oz bag cranberries
3 clementine oranges, zest and peel
1″ ginger
3 tbsp honey OR coconut sugar OR stevia
3 cups filtered water

Blend cranberries, oranges, zest, ginger, sweetener and water, pour through a juicing bag to remove pulp and chill.

Delicious and good for you!

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