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For all you stocking stuffers, here’s a fun alternative to candy or gimmicky dollar store items for the holidays.

Himalayan Salt – Colour tells you everything. If the salt is white – stay away.  If it’s sandy, brownish, gray or pink in colour you should be good. It should list the minerals on the packaging.

Local Organic HoneyRaw, unpasteurized and preferably within a 100 miles of your house.  Also said to help ease allergies.

Cacao Powder – Spelling is everything, it’s cAcAo  not cOacO and make sure the spelling is right in the ingredient list.  The real stuff has amazing health benefits, the other, well, not so much. Try Navitas brand.

Hemp Hearts – Great protein alternative and fabulous in smoothies and sprinkled on salads. Manitoba Harvest  and Purity are great brands at a great price.

Protein PowderSun Warrior is a go-to. ‘Tis a pricey item but lasts a very long time. Totally worth it.

Stevia sweetener – ‘0’ on the glycemic index (GI) but crazy sweet and all natural. Comes in liquid or powder format.

Goji Berries – has 5 times the amount of iron found in spinach and a fab addition to smoothies and salads. Try Navitas brand.

Avocado / Hemp / Flax / Coconut  OilCoconut is a standard everyday oil, withstands high heat and adds great flavour. The other three are amazing alternatives for dressings, salads and anything that doesn’t require cooking.

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Great ideas. And so informative! Don’t forget argan oil :)

Ohhhhh, nice one Teebs – yes, I [heart] argon oil. Fab idea. Thanks Lady xxx

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