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The holidays are here and if you’re an efficient type like myself (read procrastinator) you might be in need of some good gift ideas to give or get.

Here is a list of awesome and super handy stocking stuffers for under $30, mostly all gifted to me by my mother who has a knack for kitchen gadgets and is clearly a generous, lovely woman*.

Herb Keeper

Fantastic little glass contraption, keeps your herbs good for weeks and weeks, especially if you remember to change the water – Herb Keeper 

Produce Keeper Bags

Yes As Seen On TV and these babies work. Miss Elaina Love got me hooked and I’m telling you greens will be fresh and crisp for 2 weeks at least – Green Bags

Lemon Juicer

You can find these pretty much anywhere, they’re super handy and one of those things you just never get around to buying for yourself – Citrus Squeezer 


Are you kidding me, this thing zests, grates, and minces everything. I’m obsessed – Microplane

Glass Jars

Super handy in all sizes for keeping smoothies, juices, nuts, seeds, dehydrated foods and leftovers. Can’t go wrong with a pantry stock of these – Mason Jars


Perfect for chopping nuts, seeds and herbs in a pinch – Coffee Grinder

You can find these items at most hardware or kitchen stores and if you’re up for a bit of an adventure and great prices checkout Tap Phong Trading in Kensington Market.

More to come tomorrow, happy shopping!

*Anyone know if Santa is still making his list this late in the game?

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