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Off to the Vancouver aquarium we went yesterday.  I haven’t been there in yonks.  What a great place. So fascinating and so beautiful.  But the only problem with outings like that is that you’re forced to eat their hugely expensive food or bring your own.  The bring your own option was just too hard to organise yesterday. Hey, it happens. So as I was packing up the kids and the car I starting thinking smoothie. I haven’t really been able to enjoy my usual daily drink because, Simmah doesn’t have a Vitamix and, quite frankly I’m spoiled with my set-up at home.

But if I make a huge smoothie and keep the ingredients simple, then Simmah’s blender will do the job. AND…I get my smoothie, I save some money and everyone’s happy.

The VanAqua Special

4 cups filtered water
3/4 bunch organic spinach
2 bananas

Blend water and spinach then add 1 banana at a time (if using a conventional blender). Yields 1.5 liters

Bottoms up!

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As I am not in the market for a fancy (read as: expensive) juicer I would like it very much if you could please add some more smoothie recipes that do not include nuts (especially walnuts read as: death) , and that can be mixed in a conventional blender.
Between your posts, LL and TBay, I am almost in the green smoothie camp.

CScott! Git in our cool camp already. It’s awesome, you’ll explode with joy when you finally do it. If you need recipes I’ve got them and I’m anti-nuts so no fear of death for you.

Outstanding idea C-Scott. We’ll figure out something for you that is both easy to blend and nourishing. No fear my friend.

Ha! I squealed at the picture of Victoria holding a smoothie. Outstanding!

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