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First of all, I’m currently in the ever-beautiful Vancouver city visiting my brother Simmah & Ron and my BF Michaela & family. Second of all, it hasn’t rained in 4 days. That kind of combination is another level yo.

So for all of you vacationers, you know that it can be challenging to eat well.  But this is simply not so here.  Vancouver really is ahead of the game. It seems like every corner shop is pro-organic or pro-local with a wide array of gorgeous healthy food.  And here are a few stand outs:

Whole Foods: the salad bar is to die for and….wait for it…it’s not expensive (at least the salad bar isn’t). The dressings are all homemade, the produce is organic and the eggs are free-range. Whaaaaaat.

Little Nest (on Commercial Dr.): A kid’s restaurant with play area. All local & organic. Forget playland at McDicks, this place pleases both the hip parent and their hip kids.

It doesn’t hurt that both my brother & Michaela are like-minded on the food side of things, so they’ve been introducing me to some fab places and although these are only 2 places amongst hundreds, when you combine good eats with the rare sunny November weather these particular two have made the top of my list.

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