Honey Do’s & Honey Don’t

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A staple that I can’t live without is honey.  In my past life I used to consume those yucky artificial sweeteners which do even more yucky things to your body (they actually promote weight gain rather than weight loss). Now it’s all about honey, well, in moderation, of course.

Did you know that honey doesn’t have to be pasteurised? Actually it’s better if it’s not because pasteurisation kills all the nutrients and live enzymes and slows down the crystallisation process. But yet again, we consumers have been brainwashed by marketers to think that honey can only be clear and runny. ‘Tis not so my friends.

Do yourself a favour, find a local honey supplier or at least make sure the honey you buy is “unpasteurised” or “raw”.  That way if you’re going to indulge in some sweet let it do double duty and let it give you an extra bang for your buck.

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For additional benefits, don’t forget to add cinnamon to it! They seem to create some great chemistry together. While not sure if all these claims are true, there’s gotta be some truth to the goodness of their togetherness! :)


Awesome! Thanks girl!

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