Goods To Know Amaranth

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What is amaranth and how the heck do you pronounce it… am-a-ran-th. Easy.

It’s a great alternative to wild rice or quinoa, it’s gluten-free (yeah no fat belly) and it’s high in protein, high-five for plant based proteins. It cooks up the same as quinoa, click here for details. But what’s super cool is you can pop it like little mini popcorn kernels.

Popped Amaranth

1/4 cup amaranth
Hot pan

Warm pan to medium heat, pour amaranth into pan and keep it moving. It should start to pop right away. If it turns brown you’ll need to try again.

These little popped kernels are great sprinkled over salads. And you can find them at most bulk stores or health food shops.

Yes food delivery peeps, it’s on the menu tomorrow.

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i don’t even know if i can i reply to this. i am a spaz. yes. but more importantly – why didn’t i know that you guys deliver food? am i living in another dimension? i love this idea. i don’t have 3 coworkers to get in on this though – but stay tuned. i’ve already got a scheme cooking.


You did it! Well done! And we’ve been delivering for a few weeks and it’s been a total hit, we are VERY excited. Let me know if you need more details. xo

how can i never cook amaranth right?! :( not that you know me personally or my amaranth cooking woes…. but seriously, i cook it and it turns out like wall paper glue. i’ve never popped it though. maybe it’s safe for people like me to just stick to popping it. :)

Hey! I know your woes, I had the same problem, it’s serious glue. My lovely friend and I worked it out. Don’t salt before/while cooking and use a 1 to 1.5 ratio, amaranth to water. Hope that works for you!

i am so gonna try this in the morning. i’m a runner and this seems like it would be the perfect power breakfast food. i just suck at making it. unless, of course, i’m rewallpapering my living room. i can’t wait to give this another whirl in the morning. cheers!!

Haha! Amazing, let me know how it goes! LL

Pudding, I’m scared to ask… how did the amaranth go?

amaranth…. FOR THE WIN!! i had to watch it like a hawk. i kept stirring until it seemed done. not sure what the basic cooking time is. i wasn’t really paying attention to the clock either. i just said to myself, “self…. it looks done.” and so it was. :)

Yeeessss!!! That’s awesome! Well done.

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