Holy Productive, Batman

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When Lisa and I starting writing this blog we wanted to inspire and promote healthy living to its maximum.  We wanted people to know that even one little green smoothie consumed every day would make you want to move mountains.  We wanted to help everybody but THE GOODS evolution has really got me thinking about what those green smoothies have really done – for us.

Now Lisa and I are what you would call energetic people (or at least that’s the polite way of calling it) BUT follow through was never our forte.  So what’s different this time around?  Simply put – our input equals our output.  We feed ourselves lovely clean natural food and our personal lists of accomplishments are now astounding.  It’s not just about having extra energy (though that’s a major perk) it’s about mentally, physical and emotionally evolving into the people we always knew we could be.  Us, 2.0. We have turned the preverbal corner thanks to those green smoothies – we’re now making shit happen and loving every blessed moment of it.

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