The Better Burrito


Lisa inspired me yesterday with her gorgeous delivery salad wrap that I thought I’d make a version for dinner.  It really got me thinking about the uselessness of tortillas in a burrito.  All those white processed carbs & gluten just make me soooo tired and then if that’s not bad enough, it then makes me crave pure sugar which in turns makes me feel sick.  So why bother when you can use romaine lettuce leaves instead.

Pack those suckers with all the lovely fillings of a burrito and away you go.  Dinner last night was a revelation and it may just be an encore performance tonight.  Yes, they were that good and super easy.

The Big Up Your Styles Burrito

3 large romaine lettuce leaves
1/4 cup hummus (or more if you want)
Sauté onions & peppers & mushrooms in coconut oil (with garlic, onion power, cumin, sea salt & pepper to taste)
Sliced avocado

Layer all the fixing on top of the lettuce leaves and roll them up.  Have as many as you want – these little guys are solid gold. Yum!

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Sounds delish Cat – love what you gals are doing!

Thanks soooo much. We’re having so much fun – it’s all too exciting really.

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