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So I’ve been plateau-ing for a while now – weight wise, that is.  It happens.  You are all gung-ho for a while and you’re getting the results you want on the scales then somewhere between here and there it all comes to a stand still.  Then you play that game of “oh I’ll just eat this [insert crap food choice here]” – is it going to make a difference? Because on some bizarre level you almost need to gain weight to re-dedicate your efforts.

I’ve been playing that game for at least a month and I’m done with it.  Done with it because it’s frustrating, self-sabotaging behaviour. Done with it because, I actually love myself and I deserve to be happy.  Everybody say that to yourself right now as you read this: I LOVE MYSELF AND I DESERVE TO BE HAPPY.

So I’m going to challenge myself and get back in that driver’s seat.  Treat my body and mind with the respect it truly deserves.  Stop paying attention to that weight-registering device in the bathroom. Eat beautiful, nourishing, whole foods and be grateful of the life I have.

Back on track, Jack!

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Stupid scale – why do we put so much importance in what it says over what our bodies are saying TO us? Have you hit a plateau, or has your body reached a healthy and normal happy place? Ok, so you might not look like Jennifer Aniston, but Christ – neither does she! You look beautiful and have two gorgeous children to show off, plus you don’t live with an application of photoshop to your every move. Way better than a bunch of Emmys and Golden Globes in my opinion.
Now repeat after ME “I love my body and the beautiful people it has created. I am going to give myself a break and develop a healthy and respectful relationship with this baby maker.”
Plus you’re a hottie. What the WHAT?! Riiiiggghhhhttt???????

Gawd damn I love you CScott. Ladies are we all listening?

My dearest girl – first let me tell you that you have hit the nail on the head, as usual. It is crazy how easily we lose sight of what really matters. Our health, our friends & families and above all, love in our hearts. That stupid scale is not going to define me. I do love myself, every blessed curve, wrinkle and dimple and I love you because you are you – gorgeous inside & out. p.s. I may not have an Oscar but I do have a Division B gold medal for soccer that I got in 1985 which I’m particularly proud of, but whateves…

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I was athlete of the year in 1987. That shit is for real.

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