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Lisa and I are very grateful for multiple reasons.  Besides the privilege of being surrounded by amazing, soul restoring friends and family we also get to do what we do best.  Spread “THE GOODS” word.

We had such a blast yesterday sharing the knowledge to an great group of peeps. Wisdom was imparted, questions were posed & answered, and great food was made & consumed. And as a bonus, new friendships were made. A total success all in all.

So thank you Amy, Noelle, Lisa, Tracy, Scott and Sonya.  You all kinda rocked our world and we’re excited for you and for what’s to come. And extra big thanks goes out to Teresa for always being a supportive friend and quite a looker if I might add… click here.

For all of you future GOODS course takers, fear not as we have loads of courses coming up.  Don’t suffer from the FOMO’s another day, go to the “classes” tab and register today. Werd.

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Do I not even exist to you anymore? ;)

What ever do you mean? Cat gave you a huge shout out… maybe take a closer read?

Okay you guys are too funny. xo

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