Oh Beets, Where For Art Thou

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You sassy little fellows.  I think you are my favorite (don’t tell my kids).  Possibly one of the most versatile veggies out there.  You can eat them raw, cooked, pickled AND you can eat their tops too.  Who’da thought?  I chuck ’em in a smoothie and add other purple things so the colour is mucho appealing (also see my recent obsession with purple).

Last night, to ensure I didn’t mindlessly hog down on Halloween candy, I made myself a smoothie before I went out trick or treating with my eldest. Let me tell you, that smoothie was nothing short of purple-fection.

The Beet Knees

2 cups filtered water
2 packed cups org. beet greens
3 small org. carrots
1/2 small org. apple
1/2 cup org. red grapes
3/4 cup froz. org. blueberries
1/2 org. lime
2 tbsp Hemp hearts

And by the way – it doesn’t actually taste like beets, in case you were wondering.

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