That’s What Friends Are For

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I woke up this morning and had my blog entry all written in my mind.  Simmah had inspired me to write about the magic of grinding your own herbs (an entry I will write this week) but I was totally distracted by an equally inspiring text message from Lisa.  It said:

“How was your smoothie?”

Now to give you a little context, I’ve been feeling rather exhausted, lazy and uninspired as of late. So what was the first thing to go?  Answer: My daily smoothie.  Admittedly, the worst thing to go as it’s my essential fuel for the day. There I was, last night, lamenting about my general malaise to Lisa and she verbally kicked my ass into gear and told me to make a damn smoothie already. That brings us to this morning.

I did just that – I made my smoothie and I’m buzzing – quite literally.  My point is you need friends/family that understand and support you.  Not everyone does understand my want to eat cleaner but Lisa does and she’s always there with words of encouragement when I need them.  Thanks Lisa – I love you Biz. So if you don’t have like-minded friends and family shoot us an email and we, THE GOODS will be there for you.

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Awe this makes me so happy on many levels. Love you too biz! xoxo

Oh and best outfits ever… out of context.. ha!

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