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I was fortunate to have the opportunity to visit the Tree of Life in Patagonia, AZ this weekend. When you enter the world of raw food, the Tree is spoken of as a bit of a mystical place.

The group of ladies from Pure Joy Academy took the three hour drive from Scottsdale to indulge in an incredible buffet of THE best raw, vegan, living foods. Most of which is grown on the Tree of Life property and all prepared on site. We were then treated to a lovely lesson on sprouting and juicing our own wheatgrass. And finally we were lead up to the labyrinth for a meditative walk about… which requires another post all to itself.

The surrounding area is stunning! Just a short distance from the Mexican border, the hills are lush and green, scattered with agave plants and mesquite trees. Not at all what I was expecting of Arizona. Butterfies flutter about the clinic and the gardens are gorgeous and fragrant. The area is so green it actually casts a green hue on everything… which feels very appropriate.

I must admit, while I knew I’d never been anywhere like this I quickly realized just how true that was, so much peace and beauty. The staff and guests were gracious and dedicated to holistic living and to know so many people have been healed in all aspects by Dr. Gabriel Cousens just furthers my belief that change is underway.

If you’re into films here is the trailer for Simply Raw, it all takes place at the Tree and is worth watching.

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We would take the dogs down to Patagonia Lake when we lived in Tucson. Such a goreous area. You wouldn’t think the desert could be so lush. I just love your site!

Awwwwe! Thanks Steph! I was totally thinking how much the boys would LOVE to run those hills. Amazing!

That trailer for “Simply Raw” is pretty amazing – How can you argue with that?

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