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May I introduce you to a family classic.   The No-Cook muesli – so simple yet so delish.  If memory serves me right, my Mom & Dad got this recipe from a B&B over 30 years ago, and it still gets made on a weekly basis. It’s muesli the entire family can enjoy. If you’re not into cow’s milk, try some almond milk or goat’s milk or better yet some homemade nut milk – I bet it’s just as good.  This recipe yields 3 heaping, 1 cup servings.

The base is simply:

2 cups organic almond milk, goat’s milk, nut milk
1.5 cups organic quick oats
.5 cups organic old fashion oats
1 tbsp cinnamon

Add all ingredients to a bowl, mix, cover and refrigerate over night and presto in the morning it’s good to go.

Over the years I have added the following: flaxseed, hemp hearts, raisins and every fresh and frozen fruit under the sun.  So be creative and let me know your secret ingredient.

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Clearly not the ENTIRE family… those of us with Celiac wince at the thought of oats. As a substitute to oats try spelt flakes (if you can handle them…some can’t)… or quinoa flakes… or amaranth and buckwheat puffs  (if you can find them)… or rolled rice flakes (again if you can find them -they’re a tough one to find but they’re the best for muesli. As far as the milk portion goes, I’m a HUGE fan of Silk Original soymilk. It’s the one in the red carton and the best one IMHO. Silk Almond in muesli is also awesome. :-)

Yes, indeed. I’m going to try it with something wheat-free, just for you. Will keep you posted my dear brother.

Hi there – I am making this muesli tonight for the first time and I have am gluten intolerant (not quite as bad as Celiac, but pretty bad none the less!).
You can get gluten free rolled oats & quick oats by Bob’s Red Mill:
I’ve made my Muesli tonight with “Only Oats” rolled oats & quick oats. I suggested Bob’s Red Mill because “Only Oats” don’t specifically call out gluten free on the packaging, but say this: “pure oats, free from wheat, barley & rye, grown in the heart of the Canadian prairies with select growers who follow stringent production protocols”. I’ve been diagnosed as gluten intolerant over 3 years ago and have used “Only Oats” almost daily for over 2 years without “incident” ;)
Oats by nature are gluten free, it’s how they’re processed that seems to be the problem, so maybe you can give one of these a shot!

Hey there – I just noticed the post from the Celiac guy after mixing up this recipe for the first time tonight. I’m gluten intolerant and am using “Only Oats” wheat free Rolled Oats and Flakes: http://www.onlyoats.ca
Their packaging doesn’t call out gluten free but says: “…pure oats, free from wheat, barley and rye, begins in the heart of the Canadian prairies with select growers who follow stringent production protocols.” I’ve made oatmeal with Only Oats almost daily for over 2 years without “incident”.
Bob’s Red Mill also makes gluten free Oats:
Oats by nature are gluten free, apparently it’s how they’re grown and processed that’s the culprit!

Sorry for the double post, I thought the first one didn’t take. PS – I had my Muesli this morning, deeeeeeeelish!

We personally loved the double post! And so happy you’re loving the muesli, I’m totally addicted.

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