Spin Baby Spin

Spinning is one of the items on my looong list of obsessions, I spun for years before getting busy doing other things. Recently my girl Meej talked me into going back to Quad, it had been two years since I’d been on a spin bike, and can I tell you, I felt more energy coursing through me than I had in a longtime. I was insta hooked.

It’s such an serious workout and it’s “easy” for someone slightly less than coordinated like myself. No jumping, kicking and punching at the same time, no trying to touch your toes. Just turn those peddles as fast and as hard as you can until you wanna barf. That my friends, I can do.

This Saturday I stopped in for a quickie morning class with Micheline the owner, this woman is fit and awesome! She’s has this all knowing way about her, like she can tell if you’re slacking on tension or if you could push one peddle stroke faster. And while I may occasionally want to spit obscenities at her while on the bike, after the best-workout-of-my-life is over I’m always grateful for her push.

Oh and Quad is selling 10 and 20 packs at 2002 prices until this Friday. That’s a $10’er a session which is cheaper than any spin studio in the city. I highly recommend checking them out, you will not regret it.

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