Soho, So-Fabulous

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I recently spent 4 glorious days in Soho (NYC) as an incredible birthday surprise from Kods.  Not only was it beyond expectation, we naturally sought out good-for-you food rather than filling our bellies with crap.  This is now the second time this summer I have managed to go away and not put on the usual 5-8lbs.  In fact, I lost 1 lbs yet still managed to eat a ton (of course walking everywhere, I’m sure, helped too)  Some of the stand-outs for me were:

1. Organic Avenue – Had a fantastic raw oatmeal (which I promise to recreate and share the recipe) and a super green juice (maybe too green for my liking but it sure gave me the fuel to walk 8 hours that day).

2. Local – Sampled their fair-trade tea and muffins in the morning.  Had a great convo with the owner and he had petitioned the neighbourhood to take over 1 parking spot outside his restaurant so that he could convert it to a beautiful outside sitting area open to the public. Amaze-balls.

3. Souen – Had a gorgeous lemon pesto covered salmon with seaweed and steamed greens. Outstanding price for the amount of food.

If ever in Soho – do yourself a solid and try them out.

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